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The Bremen Application Factory                                                                                                   

Within a few days the Förderkatapult was opened as place of independent consultation for the Independent Arts. A mere week passed from the first idea to the hand-over of keys. The nationwide unique project was opened on 12 Oct 2020 at Bahnhofstraße 36, in the heart of the city.

With a floor space of 360 square metres, rooms have been acquired for Bremen's independent artists to allow for focused and supervised working, a zoom studio for hybrid formats as well as a permanent offer for consultation and workshops with renowned teachers from all over Germany.

Due to the limited amount of time and resources, the focus during the pilot phase was on the performing arts. At all times artists of any profession were invited to make use of the offer.

The pilot phase has been successfully completed, the project is concluded for now. The response was formidable, the nationwide attention remarkable, political and administrative delegates as well as visitors were thrilled! Until now, more than 300 people from all over Germany have participated, most of them from Bremen.
The Förderkatapult goes into the next round!

From April, there will be more information on the next Förderkatapult on this website.

Suggestions, wishes and requests for consultation may already be send to foerderkatapult@lafdk-bremen.de

Complementary means for projects funded by NEUSTART KULTUR

Applications for the taking over of complementary means for projects funded by NEUSTART KULTUR have to be handed in through the Association for the Independent Performing Arts Bremen e.V.

Please send the following documents to foerderkatapult@lafdk-bremen.de:
– Application form for the respective fund
– The fund's approval
– Current cost and financial plan
– bank account details